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StarFire 6000 New Release from John Deere

Star FireStar Fire

The John Deere StarFire 6000 Receiver is an enhanced replacement for the StarFire 3000 Receiver and expands on the value that precision agriculture customers have come to expect from StarFire products. The StarFire 6000 Receiver implements an improved antenna, the latest in Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) signal processing technology, and a new differential correction signal. All of the new technology adds up to improved performance and uptime as well as lower cost of operation when paired with precision agriculture systems such as AutoTracâ„¢ assisted steering system and John Deere Section Control

What are the key new product changes and why are they important?

The SF3 differential correction signal replaces SF2 for the StarFire 6000 and delivers +/- 3 cm pass-to-pass accuracy, < 30 minute pull-in time, and in-season repeatability without the need for RTK radios or base stations.

Multiple StarFire signal tracking and improved rapid recovery deliver improved uptime when operating in partially any shaded conditions.

RTK users can take advantage of RTK Extend for up to 14 days with the StarFire 6000 compared to 15 minutes with StarFire 3000, which means improved performance and uptime when running RTK in challenging areas.

The StarFire 6000 can be reprogrammed in ~3 minutes via USB port versus 20 minutes in the past via the CAN bus. That means less time spent updating software and more time running the field.

StarFire 6000 repeatability

  • SF1: no repeatability, position drifts over time
  • SF3: +/- 3cm (1.2 in.) in-season repeatability (where applicable)
  • Radio RTK: +/- 2.5cm (1.0 in.) long-term repeatability

NOTE: Performance may vary based on GNSS constellation health

Contact us to learn more about upgrading your S.F. ITC or S.F. 3000 to the new StarFire 6000 today

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